Player Profile & Cover Letter

Sending Player Profile

It is important to keep your player profile up to date through the year. Be sure to add high school individual and team accomplishments as well as club accomplishments. It is also important to keep academic information up to date.

You can send the player profile as an email attachment when communicating with college coaches. Be sure that the email serves as your cover letter. It should be well written and complete. It must also be free of grammatical and typographical errors. Send the information to both the head coach and assistant coaches. Always use the coach’s name when sending the email.


Player Cover Letter

Your cover letter (or email) is often the coach’s first exposure to you as a potential recruit. The letter should be well written and free of grammatical and typographical errors. It should be personally addressed to the coach and should be sent to assistant coaches as well.

The letter should provide information about your academic success and well as your high school and club soccer success. The letter should be only one page — coaches receive hundreds of letters and you want to make sure yours is one they read!

Your player profile should be sent as an attachment to the letter (or email).


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