Manager's Duties

The Team Manager’s main function is to help the coaching staff and team by providing administrative support in the following areas:

  • Act as the team representative and communication link between parents/players/coaches and the league and club. Understand that some conversations with coach, staff, and parents are sensitive and confidential. Avoid overloading them with negative gossip by directing parents and players to communicate directly to coach.
  • Understand and know rules pertaining to club, league and Tournaments.
  • Ensure that team, club, league, and tournament rules are followed.
  • Gather and submit any recognized conflict dates for coaches and players (Let coaches know / submit proper forms on league website)
  • Delegate completion of tournament applications, and travel planning, and fundraising to diplomatic and responsible parent volunteers.
  • Coordinate and support administrative staff to follow the coach’s plans for the team and meet all deadlines
  • Help Coordinate ordering team uniforms approved by club.
  • Conduct player registration with US Youth Soccer or US Club Soccer for league games and tournaments.
  • Request required registration documents from Registrar for tournaments and leagues.
  • Keep player passes, roster, and medical releases, and league/tournament rules in team book on the field during games.
  • Help recruit volunteers to help in club related functions.
  • Attend mandatory meetings.
  • Positively support coaches on and off the field.
  • Never assume anything or address coaching issues with parents....instead, educate players how to travel to compete at highest level while representing their team, families, and club.
  • Promote patience while coaches develop strong players and good teammates.



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