Jr. Academy

The goal of the Junior Academy Program is to provide a fun, enthusiastic, and positive learning experience through practice and competition for the player’s first year of select soccer. 

Ages 6, 7, 8 year olds - Boys and Girls

All players will learn the rules of the game and focus on improving individual technical skill of dribbling, passing, receiving, shooting in a team environment. Individual and team skill development will be stressed before winning with an insight to long term development. Players entering at the U8 level will participate in the game of soccer in a format that is both fun better suited to their development. The small-sided games approach (4v4 and 5v5 games) is the best way to introduce the game to U8 players.

Advantages of 4v4 and 5v5 Games

  • Increases number of touches on the ball.
  • Requires players to both defend and attack.
  • Improves player concentration because ball is close to them at all times.
  • Improves fitness levels due to lively and dynamic tempo.
  • Provides realistic challenges, limited number of players in restricted space creates game like conditions. 
  • The game itself improves soccer techniques so players can improve and enjoy the game.
  • Develops individual skill; increases frequency of 1v1 matchups.
  • A high number of goals are scored which make it game fun for the players.
  • Rules are simplified, emphasizes imaginative play, and promotes growth and appreciation of the game of soccer.


We offer the Junior Academy Program in Bowie, Allen Pond Park  


Overview of the yearly calendar:

Fall - 3 months’ program (Mid August through November)
Participate in U8 - 2x, U7 2x, U6 1x practices per week, play in a league on the weekend and U8 only - 1 season end Tournament

Winter – 2 1/2-month program (December through February)
Participate in U8 - 2x, U7 2x, U6 1x practice per week and in a Futsal Soccer league.

Spring - 3-month program (Late March - Early June)
Participate in U8 - 2x, U7 2x, U6 1x  practices per week and play in a 5v5 or  4v4 league on the weekend. Maryland United Fun Day and U8 - only 1 Season end Tournament.

Summer - optional
Participate in the Maryland United 4v4 Pick-Up Program more tba

Registration - OPEN ENROLLMENT - Sign up for Winter and Spring. Fees will be prorated for the U7 & U8 Junior Academy.  

SIGN UP - Girls and Boys Program

Register Here for U5/U6 Mini Kicker

Register Here for the U7 and U8 Jr. Academy

For questions about our program please feel free to call or email us:

Junior Academy Program Director

Daniel Villagran

240.346.9613 | danny@villasports.org




1.  How many days do the U6, U7, U8 train and play in the Junior Academy Program?

The U7 and U8 program is a more intensive program where players practice 2 times per week and play in a league on the weekends. This is designed for all levels of players whether new to the game or players who have been playing soccer for 1-2 years and want to play more than just once per week. Players from this program will try-out for the rising U9 travel team the following year. Our U6 program train 1 time per week and play in a league weekends.

2.  Do players have to tryout to make the U8 Junior Academy Program?

No.  All players can participate in the U8 Junior Academy Program. We create multiple teams in this age group so players can enjoy the game of soccer.

As a parent you need to ask yourself: Does my child enjoy and want to play soccer more than 1 night a week?  Does my child want to play in competitive games on the weekend?  Is my child eager to learn and develop more skills?  If you answered yes, then the U8 Junior Academy program is the correct choice for your child. 

Junior Academy

Jr. Academy

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