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Updated Framework, August 15, 2012
Mission Statement
To provide top level clubs in the East Coast region a high quality league (boys & girls) in a showcase format that has significant games, limits expenses, and provides a platform for collegiate recruiting. In addition, ASL will create a scouting program to identify the top players and will promote those players through the league website and the regional and national media.
Specific Goals
·         Provide clubs an alternative route that has both significant games and limits travel expenses.
·         Provide our players with events that maximize college exposure and continue development. Many clubs are currently participating in traditional tournaments and leagues that are no longer the top attended events by college coaches. The ASL will provide appealing events for colleges to identify and assess all of our clubs High School aged players at every event.
·         Create a scouting program to identify the top players in the ASL.
Executive Board
Maryland United FC, MD
Soccer Assciation of Columbia, MD
Triangle FC, NC
Beach FC, VA
Bethesda, MD
U14, U-15, U16, U17 (boys & girls)
Must have an entry in all four age-groups - Unless a waiver is granted by the ASL Board of Directors
**U-18’s entry is optional with preferential acceptance into events granted (As determined by each event director)
Role of US Club Soccer
This league will be sanctioned by US Club Soccer which will provide:
  • Insurance and Liability for players and coaches
  • Ability to allow ASL to consult with US Club Soccer on potential league issues
  • Document, structure, and marketing support
Club Criteria/Application (see ASL membership application)
Club must have a Director of Coaching.
Club must share the vision and mission statement of the league.
Clubs also…
Must enter 1 team in each age group: U14, U15, U16, U17 (Unless a waiver is granted by the ASL Board of Directors).
Sign a club participation contract.
Must have teams attend 3 of 4 events and league championships.
Must have DOC attend summit league meeting every year to review, discuss, enhance, and vote on new policies for the following season.
Competition Format 2012-2013
Three Events 9 games plus 3 regional self scheduled matches with the top 8 teams qualifying for the ASL Championships
All clubs must attend 3 events that they select
2012-13 Calendar of Events 

Event                            Division                            Dates

ASL Summit                 All Clubs Represented    September 26, 2012

Bethesda                     Girls (U14-U17)              November 9-11
                                   Boys (U14-U17)             November 16-18
Triangle Friendlies      Girls (U14-U17)             January 25-27
                                  Boys (U14-U17)             February 1-3
Jefferson Cup             Boys (U16-U17)            March 8-10
                                  Girls (U16-U17)             March 15-17
SAC Showcase           Boys/Girls (U14-U17)   Memorial Day Weekend
ASL Championships   Boys/Girls (U14-U17)   June (TBA)
Competitive Season  
3 events – total of 9 league games, 3 games per event
3 regional self scheduled matches
Total League games will determine seeding for ASL Championship
June event – ASL Championship – top 8 teams, 3 games in a Championship format
*U-18 teams will are optional but will receive preferential acceptance as determined by the event directors
Standings based on
Most Points – 3 pts win, 1 pt tie, 0 pt loss
Goal Differential GF – GA, Goals for
Each Age group champion and runner-up U14, U15, U16, & U17
Overall Club champion U14-U17
Club points based on final standings in each age group
2012 Points breakdown below.  2013 TBD based on final number of teams.
1st place team in each age group – 16pts
2nd - 14pts
3rd – 12pts
14th – 1pt
Tie-breaker – 2 or more clubs
Club with highest placed teams across all age groups
Clubs with highest placed team in each age group will receive 2 bonus points.
Club Goal differential
Club Goals for
Playing Rules
All players must be registered through US Club Soccer
Maximum 22 player / tournament roster.
Only 18 players can dress per game.
Substitution limits - No re-entry in each half, with a maximum of 7 substitutions allowed.
Guest Player Rules
Maximum of 2 guest players for each event.
Must be US Club carded.
Game Duration
1 game per day
U14:  35 minutes per half
U15 and U16 : 40 minutes per half
U17: 45 minutes per half
Failure to abide by the rules and spirit of the league, use of illegal players, and failure to participate in an event will be subject to point deduction and future participation in the league.
ASL Scouting Program - ASL All-Event Teams
Each member club will be responsible for selecting a player of the match and detialing that on the ASL game report each match.  No club will have any player nominated to the All-Event team if they do not complete the scouting assignment with details on the game report. 
The goal of this program is to identify the top players in the league in every age group and track their progress throughout the year. 
ASL League Fee
Each club will be charged $1,900 per gender participating (U14-U17 $475 per team). The fee will include all league administration duties and operating costs from hiring a league commissioner, staffing, scheduling, marketing, website design and management, awards, signage and improving the “league” environment.  Teams will pay each event the normal entry fee for participating made payable to the tournament host organization.
ASL Performance Bond
Each club will post a $1,000 performance bond for the full slate of teams (4) per gender entry into the league. Clubs that are members of the boys and girls divisions will post a $1,000 bond for each gender represented for a total of $2,000. Clubs that uphold their commitment to the ASL will have their bond rolled over to the next seasonal year. 
ASL host tournaments kickback
Each ASL event host club will give $2,000 back to the ASL immediately following the event.
All ASL tournament entry fees will be based on the tournament’s entry fee to each event.
Future ASL tournament events
All member clubs can submit an event application to host future events

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