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Welcome to the Maryland United FC Registration Page 2018-19 Season.

We will be using FACTS in the 2018-19 Season for Player RegistrationYou will be able to choose to make a full payment, semi-annual payment or a monthly payment plan upon check-out.  If you are making a full payment with your initial registration you will recevie a 5 % discount. 

All payments will be either debited directly from your bank account or payment by credit which will be processed automatically on the date established on FACTS.  No cash or checks will be accepted by Maryland United FC Staff. 

Teams are formed at tryouts and each player accepting a position on the team and paying your commitment fee & team dues is an acknowledgement to be committed to the travel program for 12 months.  Another player's opportunity to be selected at tryouts was taken by your acceptance.  If you decide to leave the club for reasons other than major illness, injury or job relocation, you will not be refunded of your commitment fee and team fees.

By completing this registration process, you are acknowledging a commitment to the travel program for 12 months and that you will be responsible for the entire team fee. If a player is injured and unable to participate in team activities or your family moves from the area during the seasonal year, any refunds will be treated on a case by case basis as determined by the Maryland United FC Board. It is the player and family’s responsibility to remain current and in good standing with the payment calendar.

Upon the failure to make payments within 30 days of the payment due date, The Board of Directors shall take the following action: Notification to coach, manager and player that the player is not in good standing. Payment must be made before the next payment due date. 31+ days: Notification to coach, manager and player that the player is not in good standing and immediate payment must be received; otherwise the player will be suspended from all team training, games and activities.

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