Mission & Core Values


To develop highly committed soccer players in an inclusive environment who are a proud representation of the club at the state, regional and national competitive platforms.  Additionally, with our holistic approach to coaching we aim to develop well-rounded individuals who are active and productive members of the community.


The foundation of success is based on an ALL-IN attitude from our players, coaches and parents.  Soccer is a team sport and bigger than any individual.  We promote and cultivate teamwork, selflessness, learning how to be a great teammate, and creating a positive & supportive environment.  Maryland United is a priority in terms of extra-curricular activities.  All players are expected to attend all sessions, games & events.


To be resilient through adversity.  To be brave on the field to dominate with and without the ball.  To train and compete outside your comfort zone.  The courage to fail, learn and grow.


The love to play, the love to coach, the love of competition, the love of being a part of a team.  To enjoy the journey of youth soccer and develop lasting relationships & friendships on and off the field.