Rehab 2 Perform Partnership

Maryland United FC is proud to partner with Rehab 2 Perform. Read the press release here

Visit  to learn more about the following:


  • Shin Splints

  • Deadleg / Charlie Horse

  • Foosh

  • Ankle Sprain

  • Knee Sprain

  • Achilles Tenditopathy

  • Patellar Tenditopathy


  • In-Season Strength Training

  • Active Recovery

  • Stretch Series

  • Foam Rolling

  • Cold Weather Warm Up

  • Practice Canceled - In House Workout

For Coaches/Players/Parents

A spectrum of injuries can occur during practices and games that may require further evaluation and treatment.  Dr. Josh Funk, DPT and the team of Physical Therapists at Rehab 2 Perform are readily available to discuss, diagnose, and develop a plan of care* as needed to meet your unique situation.

Best way to contact Rehab2Perform:

1.       Text (preferred) or Call Dr. Josh Funk – 301.467.8757

2.       Email –

3.       Call our Office – 301.798.4838

4.       Contact us online HERE


Current R2P Locations: Annapolis, Bethesda, Columbia, Frederick, Germantown, Mt. Airy.

*Free 30 minute Consults are available. Standard insurance (or cash) rates apply for evaluations and follow up visits.  All major insurances are accepted. Maryland is a Direct Access state, which means you do not normally need a referral, and can be scheduled immediately!