Why Maryland United

Maryland United FC (formerly known as Freestate Soccer) over the last two decades has consistently proven its ability to grow, develop, and nurture aspiring young athletes into collegiate level players and several professional players.  Furthermore, consistent with our mission statement and holistic approach to developing the whole person on and off the field, we help cultivate great people who become leaders and active members in the community.


Our environment is enthusiastic and contagious.  From the moment you walk down the hill at Indian Creek and see the “sea of red” and “feel the energy” of all our players and teams training you want to be part of the Maryland United family.


Our collaborative coaching model and possession-pressing based style of play allows the players to be constantly challenged and rewarded.  As outlined in our pathway pyramid each block builds on each other as players get older.  The core principles we introduce in the foundation phase are mastered in the competitive phase.  Our coaches take immense pride in delivering age appropriate training sessions and managing their teams consistent with our core values, philosophy and playing style. 

Our practice schedule is aligned by the age group directly (above or below) each other to enable coordinated and academy style training sessions.  This promotes collaboration, cohesion and support between coaches and teams to follow the club’s philosophy and playing style.  


Having access to the best leagues and competition in the country creates the perfect platform for player development and creating the best possible experience for each player and team. It also continually challenges us to reflect and raise our standards in every aspect of our club from: player development; coaching education; facilities; administration; player health & safety; parent engagement & education.

Developing The Whole Child

Players who go through our program learn valuable life skills that help to develop the “whole child”. Through this holistic approach to player development, players will learn about teamwork, leadership, discipline, time management, sportsmanship, respect, dealing with adversity, responsibility, confidence, and commitment. These traits have served our alumni, on and off the field, long after their soccer careers are over.


The Pathway

Grassroots | Junior Academy U6-U8

An introduction to the game with a focus on small-sided games and activities to teach and learn the basic skills and concepts of the game.  Most importantly to have “FUN” and love to play!  

The Pathway

Zone 1 | Foundation U9-U11

A focus on the individual developing a core foundation of technical skill and game understanding.  We encourage risk-taking and making mistakes over holding back due to fear of failure.  Consideration of physical maturity and poor results do not obscure the focus on long term development.  We challenge more athletic players to become more technical and not reliant on their physical traits; We challenge smaller players to be super technical and quicker thinkers to minimize physical disparities in speed, strength and size. Love to Play! 


The Pathway

Zone 2 | Development U12-U14

In the golden age of learning, we focus on teaching and reinforcing great training & performance habits and developing a better technical and tactical understanding of the game. The transition from 9v9 to 11v11 requires patience and time to adjust to the difference in field size; especially physically and tactically.  Consideration of physical, mental,and emotional maturity and poor results do not obscure the focus on long term development.  Love to Learn!

The Pathway

Zone 3 | Competitive U15-U18

We focus on honing the player profile, skill sets and role of the individual within the team game model to produce highly competitive and winning performances.  Training is more position specific and tactical based to develop a clear understanding of each player’s role and expectation, a deeper understanding of the game, and a strong team first mentality.  Developing a winning mentality, overcoming adversity, being accountable, and doing the extra to become a better player and person on and off the field is emphasized.  Love to compete!